Here you will find the latest news about our company and the leather industry!

NEWS 7/2021
Aniline and Nubuck Leather – for anyone who loves the Exceptional

NEWS 6/2021

Outside the Box: Leather’s Charm in Interior Architecture and Design

NEWS 5/2021
European leather: fashionable, sustainable… unique!

NEWS 4/2021
The beauty of imperfections

NEWS 3/2021
Leather often copied, never equalled!

NEWS 2/2021
Leather is not boring!

NEWS 1/2021
Vintage is cool

NEWS 9/2020
14 tips to take care of your favourite leather product!

NEWS 8/2020
A reality check

NEWS 7/2020
How do we assess leather quality?

NEWS 6/2020
Original ways to use post-consumer leather

An experiment in bargain hunting
Fossil-free power in all Swedish Tanneries
Only real leather is real sustainability
All you need to know about vegetable tanned leather

NEWS 01/2020 – January 2020
Leather: Traditional and Trendy!

Leather Production: Safety as the top Priority

Newsletter 8/2019 – October 2019

Leather endures: the case of durability

Newsletter 7/2019 – September 2019

PEFCR: an official tool to demonstrate the environmental performance of leather

NEWS 6/2019 – June 2019

Sustainability: water consumption and water cleaning

Pro-Leder_Edition 04/2019

60th anniversary of Schafstall Holding

„From a small hide merchant to a leading German contract tannery group“

You will find comprehensive information, history and interesting details about leather in the information brochure published by the German Leather Federation (VDL)

which you can download here: VDL Information brochure

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